Does your computer run too slowly, crash constantly, or freeze when performing the simplest task? We can clean your system of viruses and Spyware.

Custom Computer Systems offers a wide variety of services, from on site installation to network setup, to  maintenance for business systems. We even assist with installation of broadband services, such as Verizon DSL and Comcast Cable, as needed.

Business and Home Networks

Networks are a great way to have your computers share files, printers, Internet connections, and more. Custom Computer Systems will install your network using high-quality Linksys products.

We offer Networking services for both consumer and business applications.

Whether you need your printer and TV integrated into an existing network or a full office networking solution, Custom Computer Systems has you covered.

Please visit our Contact Us page to ask any questions regarding computer repairs, computer maintenance, wireless networks, upgrades, or any service of interest.

Remote Support

Tired of waiting for repair technicians to schedule a visit and maybe show up on time? At Custom Computer Systems, we use TeamViewer to provide fast remote support. With your permission, we can login to your computer, see the problem you are having first-hand, and often solve your technical issue without ever having to visit your office or home.

Call us at 724-532-1095 to speak with one of our qualified technicians.

Service Contracts and Labor Rates

Small businesses can’t afford to have dedicated IT personnel on staff; but day-to-day problems still come up, along with the occasional computer emergency. Wouldn’t it be great to know you’re covered with a Service Contract customized just for you?

At Custom Computer Systems, we help many local professionals and shops, from attorneys to manufacturers, manage their IT needs affordably and reliably. Our minimum contract is only 2 hours a month, and the more hours you use, the more affordable our rates. Contact Us today to learn more.

For regular, as-needed services, our labor costs are fair and affordable. They start at:

  • In-Shop – $69 / hr
  • Residential On-Site – $89 / hr
  • Non-Profit Commercial On-Site – $99 / hr
  • Commercial On-Site – $109 / hr

Upgrades and Repairs

Is your computer running slow? Crashing and locking up for seemingly no reason?

Perhaps all you need is a small Computer Upgrade to make your current system meet all your needs. We offer a wide variety of Hardware options to suit your needs as well.

If it’s something more serious, we do offer full in-house hardware diagnostics and repair. Yes, we do work on Apple machines as well. Don’t buy a whole new rig just because you need a new stick of RAM at a fraction of the cost of a new desktop!

Our rates vary situationally, so call us at 724-532-1095 or try our convenient contact from for a quote today!

Don’t forget to ask about our reduced labor cost on CCS-built machines, our expedited service options, and our Service Contract options.